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Tamper Proof & Courier Bags

SynPack launched its new product – Tamper proof pouches, creating a niche in the PE film industry.

These uniquely manufactured bags are designed to avoid any sort of unauthorized access or detection of the product packed inside. These pouches ensure the confidentiality of the product minimizing duplication. Once the bag is tampered with, it cannot be put back again ensuring the customer that the product is factory sealed.


Product Description

Are most widely used in eCommerce Packaging, online Market Places and by courier companies. Tamper proof bags are also commonly called as courier bags.

These pouches have several uses such as:
•  eCommerce Packaging
• Courier Bags
• Duty Free Bags
• Bank Documents
• Currency
• Jewelry
• Gold Collateral
• Security Bags
• Examination Paper Envelopes
• Envelopes for Passport and Important Documentation
• Integral Tools and Spares of High Value
• Sample Pouches
• Envelopes for Closing Packing List & Documents
• Cash Pouches