PPFlexible Straws

PP Flexible Straws

SynPack manufactures straws in different sizes, colors, gauges depending on customer specific requirements.

PP straws are manufactured in following categories:

  • Flexible Straws
  • Plain Straws
  • Shake Straws
  • Coffee Stirrers
  • Lollipop Sticks and
  • Earbud Pipes
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Product Description

Types of Straws widely manufactured at SynPack: 

The Flexible drinking straws are bendable straws which can be twisted to various positions so as to make it easier to consume the particular liquid. Flexible straws are of 5.7 mm in diameter and a length generally reaching 8.5 inches or 9.5 inches.
The Plain drinking straws are generally manufactured in 5.7 mm diameter with a length of 7.5 inches. The length can be customized to individual requirements.
Milk Shake straws, commonly known as shake straws are basically straws of larger mm diameter as per the thickness or viscosity of liquids. Generally used for thick shakes, milk shakes, thick coffee blends etc. The standard diameter is of 10 mm with a length extending to 8.5 inches.
Coffee Stirrers/Tea Stirrers, Lollipop Sticks & Ear-bud Pipes  are made of different sizes and colors based on the customer’s requirement.