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UHT Milk Film

SynPack manufactures 5 Layer EVOH based barrier film for UHT milk packaging. This is an advanced and highly engineered specialized film suitable for aseptic packaging of UHT milk on FFS machines.
This barrier film offers an advanced shelf life lasting for months as against general 3-layer milk film, which offers a shelf life of barely 48 hours.

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Product Description

Benefits of SynPack’s UHT Milk Film:

• More economical when compared to Tetra Packs. The cost is almost 1/3rd the price of other tetra packaging products.
• Convenient while transporting and storing when compared to card board packaging or tetra pack as they take 1/7th the volume.
• Disposal of empty/used EVOH based packs is much easier than the other forms of packaging.
• This product is recyclable & environment friendly