Greenhouse Film

SynPack produces 3 layer & 5 layer wide width greenhouse film up to a width of 11 meters. The film contains high puncture resistant features and are packed with high performance additives such as:

• UV Stabilizers
• Light Diffusers
• Anti-drip
• Anti- Dust
• IR Cooling
• Anti-Rodent
• Anti-Sulphur
• Anti-Fog
• other highly engineered additives depending upon the customer’s specification.

Some of the widely used greenhouse film:

• Clear UV Green House Film
• Anti-Sulphur / Nickle Quencher Green House Film


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Product Description

Green House Films are mainly used to grow:
• Flowers: Gerberas, Lilliums, Orchids, Roses etc.
• Citrus Fruits: Peaches etc.
• Vegetables: Bell Peppers/Capsicum, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Spinach
• Medicinal Crops & Herbs