Construction Film / Geo-membrane Film

Geo-Membrane Film is a protective layer of PE Film which is used as a barrier to control fluid migration in a human-made project, structure, or system commonly used in environmental and water protection applications.

It is widely used for man-made ponds and tanks to conserve water, to avoid seepage in big reservoir, dam projects, highway constructions and new building constructions and in rainwater harvesting. The other applications are in the areas of Aquaculture, Baffle Curtain, Canals, Decorative Ponds, Golf Course Lakes, Irrigation Reservoirs Sewage Lagoons, Sports Field Under Liner, Tank Liners, Waste-Water Lagoons.

Geo Membrane Film is also known as Construction Film as it is used between floors of apartments, buildings, houses and other multi-storey construction projects to avoid water seepage from floor to floor.

SynPack can customize Geo-membrane Film up to 11 meters wide and the film is available in thickness varying from 250 Microns to 1000 microns.

Product Description

Benefits of SynPack’s Geo-membrane Film: 

  • Avoid water seepage.
  • Protection of new & old constructions against corrosion or water erosion.
  • Provide water conservation.
  • Protect groundwater against spoilage.
  • Easy Installation
  • Comes in sheets which can be sealed to attain different sizes.
  • Low cost solution with long shelf life, lasting for many years.